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Main OVENS 2


Enhanced Quality Oven:

Engineered to operate at temperatures up to 235°C, our ovens deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With effective insulation and optimized airflow, these ovens ensure superior temperature stability and uniformity, catering to a wide range of manufacturing processes.

The oven body features a robust 150 mm thick rockwool insulation, providing excellent thermal efficiency. The panels are expertly sealed using heat-resistant silicone, ensuring airtightness. Internally, the oven and air channels are constructed with zinced metal for durability, while the external part boasts a powder-coated sheet metal finish for enhanced protection.

Precise Temperature Control and Efficient Exhaust System:

Our ovens are equipped with a digital controller, allowing precise temperature regulation. Additionally, an Over Temperature protection system ensures safe operation and prevents overheating.

Thoroughly Tested and Factory Assembled:

Prior to shipment, each equipment undergoes comprehensive testing and adjustment in our factory. We meticulously check all safety interlocks to ensure proper functionality, and the equipment undergoes a rigorous test period at its maximum operating temperature. For customers who opt for a temperature uniformity profile test and certification, we perform and document the profile test prior to shipment, providing an added level of assurance.


Main OVENS 2
WxHxL (internal dimensions) HEATING CAPACITY PRICE (Delivered)
1000x1000x1000 12 kW £7,650
1200x1500x1500 18 kW £10,300
1500x1800x2000 30 kW £11,750
1500x1800x2500 42 kW £13,700
1500x1800x3000 48 kW £15,500
1500x1800x4000 60 kW £18,450
1500x1800x5000 72 kW £20,600
1500x1800x6000 84 kW £23,150
1500x1800x7000 96 kW £24,150
WxHxL (internal dimension) Heating Capacity PRICE (Delivered)
1500x1800x2000 60.000 kcal/h £13,800
1500x1800x2500 60.000 kcal/h £14,250
1500x1800x3000 60.000 kcal/h £15,995
1500x1800x3500 90.000 kcal/h £16,500
1500x1800x4000 90.000 kcal/h £17,995
1500x1800x5000 90.000 kcal/h £19,350
1500x1800x6000 120.000 kcal/h £20,600
1500x1800x7000 120.000 kcal/h £22,600